Sky Vision Wealth is an independent fee-only financial planning firm located in Columbus, Ohio.

Our Mission – 

To be the leading advisory firm for those seeking to preserve, organize, & grow their wealth.

To execute on our mission, we believe clients should expect the following when partnering with us:

A Listen First Approach – We want to know who you are & understand what’s important to you. 

Personalization – We will craft a plan & provide recommendations built for your unique circumstances. 

Actionable Ideas – We focus on providing ideas that you can actually implement.

Being Proactive – It is our responsibility to identify & share opportunities with you.

Responsiveness – Promptly delivering on client needs is at the very heart of what we do.

Flexible, Open Mindedness – When the facts change, you have to change. This is particularly true in financial planning & in markets. It’s not about being “right”.  We believe it’s important to take in new information and evaluate it, rather than simply dismiss everything we’re not doing as “wrong”.

Empathy – We understand that your life & managing wealth doesn’t come without challenges. It’s easy to show up on the good days. We are there every day, regardless of weather.

Continuous Improvement – The world is not static, & neither are we. Our commitment to clients is to constantly evaluate & find ways to improve the client experience.